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Postby Elessar » Tue Dec 02, 2008 3:52 pm


Read to your heart’s content. If you want to post, you’ll need to Register and log in. Please show respect for others as you share your thoughts with us. Politics and other hot-button issues are discouraged, except in the context of discussions about Star Trek, and may be edited, deleted or locked by administrators at their discretion. This forum is for all ages, so please also keep your content and links appropriate.

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• If you log in and check Log Me in Automatically you can avoid logging in every time you come. (If you do not allow cookies this may not work.)
• Click View Active Topics at the top left of the forum to see which topics are most current. Then click on the little yellow page at the left of each thread title to skip to the first post you haven’t already viewed.
• Click View Unanswered Posts to do just that (some will be quite old).
• If you want to post a new topic, click on Board Index and navigate through the categories. Check that your topic doesn’t already exist. If it doesn’t, feel free to start a new topic in the correct category. For example, discussions about videos or art would fall under the appropriate sections in “The Studio.”
• If you want to know who else is online, check the bottom of your forum screen.
• You can leave or receive private messages for other members by clicking on the New Messages link at the top left of the forum screen next to the Log Out link. Or you can click on User Control Panel at the top right, then Private Messages on the left menu bar.

Customizing Your Posts
• You can create a signature by clicking on User Control Panel then Profile on the left menu bar, then Edit Signature. Click Preview and scroll down to see how it will look. You can control color, size, style and more. You can embed a graphic signature that is hosted elsewhere; please keep the size reasonable. (A typical place to host such images for free is photobucket.com.)

• You can also put up an Avatar (that little picture to the left under the screen name). You can upload your own if it is no more than 150 pixels tall or wide. Animated avatars need to be linked to from your own web site or another site such as photobucket.com. You can use avatars already created and posted by other members Here; please remember to credit your avatar creator in your signature.

• To share photos and artwork with other members, link to the image you have hosted elsewhere. Many members use the free service photobucket.com for this. (Just copy and insert the IMG code they provide.)

• If you want members to know your web site or your birthday or other information about you, click on Edit Profile. This information is optional and can be viewed by others.

Commenting on Fanfic
We encourage you to review and discuss fanfic you read in the blue Leave Comments section at the bottom of each piece. Occasionally individual threads in the forum may also be devoted to a particular story, especially if they are not posted at Triaxian Silk. Comments may also be left under the thread New Fanfic Up. Authors very much appreciate being able to read what you have written in the Leave Comments section at the bottom of their story, since they can easily revisit it there. Scroll to the bottom of the blue box to input your own comment, signed or anonymous. The “capcha” code is there to prevent spammer abuse. Comments are subject to administrative review.

Submission Guidelines for Fanfic
Send an email to fanfic@triaxiansilk.com with the story as a WORD attachment. If you don't have Word, try sending it as a RICH TEXT FILE in whatever program you do have. If all else fails, you may send the story in the body of your email. If you use Word 2007 or 2008 please save the file in Word 97-2003 compatibility mode. You no longer need to include html codes (and we would prefer that you did not).


The story must revolve around characters in STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE. Our main focus is the pairing of Tucker and T’Pol. Stories with other ship-elements are allowed but keep TnT the main focus to be posted in the main part of the site. Trip-centered non-ship fics will go into Main Engineering; Archer-T’Pol friendship fics go with Soval fics, Vulcan fics, and T’Pol-centered non-ship fics into “Library at P’Jem.” Poetry has its own area. A General Enterprise category is currently under construction.

All genres and categories are allowed except Archer-T’Pol. (That is for your own protection, given the focus of our membership.) NC-17 fics appear in the Decon Chamber. If you have any questions, click on Contact and ask.

Stories must be appropriately rated. We reserve the right to adjust the rating. The rating system is G, PG, PG-13, R, and NC-17. Please do not be offended if your rating is adjusted; everybody has different standards. Stories that are only NC-17 in later chapters should be rated NC-17 from the beginning.

Always include a disclaimer in your story, citing ownership by Paramount of Star Trek and all related intellectual property.

Your story heading should include title, summary, rating and disclaimer. Email address is not required, but may be listed. You may also want to indicate if it may be archived and whether any spoilers for specific episodes are included.

Do not submit your stories until they have been edited and polished for spelling, grammar, usage and so on. Most writers use a beta reader to help them get this right. You can request beta help at the forum thread: “Need a Beta Reader? Post Here!” Being specific about the length and genre of the story can help you gain a beta faster. Admins may also do light editing of your story at their own discretion.

New writers may be required to first submit one complete story before being allowed to post incomplete stories.

Admins may reject stories they feel are not up to Triaxian Silk standards.
This is of course subjective and should not prevent you from publishing elsewhere, for example at fanfiction.net. Some of the elements that may cause a story to be rejected include poor English usage or mechanics, significantly out-of-character behavior, clunky writing, hackneyed plots or offensive content. You are still welcome to announce the story’s publication and provide a link to it at the forum thread New Fanfic Up.
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Re: Welcome!

Postby justTripn » Tue Dec 02, 2008 9:41 pm

Thanks to Alelou who drafted this! Great idea.
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